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Website Copy That Sets You Apart in Your Niche and Helps You Attract and Close More of Your Ideal Clients and Customers

“Kimberly helped me uncover the factors that make up the ‘meaningful difference’ in my business, things that will help me stand out in my niche. But more than that, she helped me get clarity on my whole business vision, which has been invaluable. The benefits you’ll get are beyond what you could imagine. It’s an amazing investment. She’s like a copywriter and business coach and cheerleader all rolled into one!”

Rhégina Sinozich, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach, and Workshop Facilitator, Bethesda, MD


:: If you’re happily creating your great work in the world, but the world hasn’t taken notice yet (stupid world!) . . .

:: Or your ideal clients are staying away in droves, leaving you with the kind that make you want to drive right off the nearest bridge . . .

:: And you’re very good at what you do (you’ve got clients and customers joyfully singing your praises to prove it), but somehow you’re not connecting with the right audience online . . .

Then what you may have on your hands is a simple communication problem: your website copy is not conveying the benefits to working with you over others who provide the same product or service, and it’s definitely not connecting with your dream clients in a way that makes them say, “At last, I’ve found exactly the person I want to work with, how do we get started now?!”

Are you ready to change that?

Great! Let’s transform your website copy from lackluster to luminous, clearly convey what makes you unique in the marketplace so you stand out like a 4-leafer in a field of run-of-the-mill clover, and create consistent brand messaging that attracts your ideal clients to you like bees to honey.

The Irresistible Web Copy VIP Package: The 3 Key Must-Have, Uber-Important, Can’t-Do-Business-Online-Without-‘Em Web Pages {+ a little extra} Every Successful Business Needs

If you’re serious about having a successful website that calls in your ideal clients and sells your programs and services, you need:

  • A compelling Home page that grabs attention and gets your right people eager to find out more about you
  • An About page that conveys your unique personality and bonafides in accessible, client-focused language
  • A Services, Work with Me, or Programs page that demonstrates your singular value and gets your ideal clients dreamily thinking, “she’s/he’s the one I want to work with”

The Irresistible Web Copy VIP Package includes:

:: An in-depth questionnaire so I can get to know all about your business, your ideal clients, and your goals for a successful, client-attracting web presence

:: The Ideal Client Avatar (ICA) Worksheet and Unique Selling Proposition (USP) Worksheet. These worksheets will help us clarify exactly who you most want to serve and the collection of factors that makes your business and your offerings unique. I’ll use this information to make your web copy persuasive and compelling to your ideal clients.

:: A Marketing Message Clarity Discovery Session, via phone, where we dive into the questionnaire and the ICA and USP worksheets and work shoulder-to shoulder to determine your ideal client avatar and what makes you unique in the marketplace. We’ll use this information to create your meaningful difference – the combination of factors that make you stand out online to your right people.

:: Your 3 Key Must-Have Website Pages Written:

  • A client-attracting Home page
  • A compelling About page
  • A persuasive, sales-generating Program, Services or Work with Me page

 With the Irresistible Web Copy VIP Package you’ll also receive:

:: 5 Tagline Suggestions

:: 5 Blog post or email newsletter topic ideas with click-worthy headlines or must-open subject line suggestions to go with

:: 2 hours of strategy consulting to be used within 60 days of completion of web copy project

This copy package is for you if:

  • You’re getting a few clients, but you know you could be doing better, and the thing standing in your way is persuasive client-getting & sales-generating website copy.
  • You’re getting plenty of clients, but the wrong kind of clients. (You know the ones: the kind that don’t appreciate the value you bring to the table, who try to negotiate your prices, or who needlessly complain and negativize, or, gasp – all of the above. Ain’t nobody got time for that.)
  • You’re tired of playing around, it’s time to get serious and start calling in your ideal clients already, and you’re ready to make a serious investment in your website, AKA, your 24/7 selling superstar.
  • You’re beyond the bootstrapping stage and ready to make a serious investment in your business.


{50% deposit of $1599 payable upon booking to lock in your spot on my client schedule, $1599 balance due when you receive your final drafts.}

*NOTE: Because of my current project load and the intensive deep dive I do into your business to write your copy, the Irresistible Web Copy VIP Package takes 6-8 weeks to complete, from the time we start working together until you receive your finished web copy.

{Email me at Kimberly [at] kimberlydhouston [dot] with “Irresistible Web Copy VIP Package” in the subject line to get started, or to set up a 15 minute no-obligation call to determine if this package is a good fit for you. You’ll hear back from me within 48 hours during normal business hours.}

*AND . . . ANOTHER NOTE: I also do custom copywriting projects – from one page of copy to multi-page websites, and email campaigns, email opt-in landing pages, lead magnets/opt-in gifts, and lots more. Simply email me at Kimberly [at] kimberlydhouston [dot] com to discuss your project.



{Including customized copy recommendations for your website’s 3 most important pages!}

 So, you don’t want or need your entire website written from scratch, but you do want to boost key website metrics like email subscribers, free consultations, client bookings or sales? Then the Serious-About-Sales Web Copy Audit & Action Plan may be just right for you.

This service is ideal if your website is performing decently well and generating some results, but you know it could be doing a lot better with optimized and improved web copy.

This is hands-down my best-selling service, and I have just two spots available each month, so if you’re interested, click on the link below to get all the details!

 Serious-About-Sales Web Copy Audit & Action Plan + Copy Makeover



Think of this like a rapid-fire website audit from a copywriting, messaging and branding perspective. We’ll work side-by-side in one 45 minute session over the phone, as we look at your website together.

You’ll walk away with at least 5-10 ideas for improving your website copy ASAP to more effectively call in and convert your ideal clients.

This is for you if:

:: Your website copy is in pretty good shape but you want to pick a professional copywriter’s brain for ideas on polishing it up to a fine “I want to magnetize my ideal clients to me” sheen, get feedback on your messaging, or ask questions about specific elements of your copy

:: You’re just getting starting and want some DIY copywriting advice you can run with on your own to write your own copy


:: Once you book your session and pay in full, I’ll send you a detailed questionnaire so that I can get to know more about your business, your ideal clients, and your goals for your web presence and marketing.

:: I’ll review the questionnaire and take a look at your website

:: We’ll get on the phone for our 45 minute rapid fire copywriting & messaging strategy session

:: I’ll send you my overview notes after our call so you have a record of my suggestions

:: You’ll get one week of private email access to me to answer lingering questions


{Email me at Kimberly [at] kimberlydhouston [dot] com with “Copywriting & Messaging Strategy 45-Minute One-on-One Intensive” in the subject line to get started, or to set up a 15 minute no-obligation call to determine if this is a good fit for you. You’ll hear back from me within 48 hours during normal business hours.}


THE MAKE ‘EM GIDDY GUARANTEE:  On copy projects I provide a first draft, plus two iterative rounds of revisions, which looks like this:  1st draft –> 2nd draft –> Final draft. However, I would feel completely out of integrity accepting payment from you if you weren’t happy with your final copy, so we’ll work together to revise it until you’re 100% satisfied. That’s my iron-clad promise to you. 

If you have any questions about the above services or would like a custom quote on a project, email me at kimberly (at) kimberlydhouston (dot) com and I’ll be in touch pronto. (Pronto around these here parts here means within about 48 hours during normal business hours, excluding weekends and holidays.)

 What They’re Saying . . .

I was too close to my copy to see ways to improve it. I had taken it as far as I could on my own, but felt like it was still missing that special punch. Kimberly’s advice wasn’t cookie cutter “do this, then that” instruction, but actually tailored to the tone and overall goal of my page. The biggest impact was really how she dove into each sentence to add more specific personality. When I thought I had a great benefit of my product listed, she took it 3 steps further to show what a really well-crafted benefit looked like. It was above and beyond what I expected and was so helpful. All of Kimberly’s ideas were spot on and I can’t wait to implement them.

-Tony Rulli,, California

Kimberly’s copy review helped me fill in gaps in my copy I had not thought of. And she surprised me by reviewing other web pages that we hadn’t previously discussed! My copy now flows better and feels more authentic (she really nailed how I wanted to speak). And she shared tips and tricks that I’ll go back and add as I have more time. She rocks!!!

-Whitney Hutten, PhD,, Boulder, CO

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving such wonderful feedback. You are very good at this – I shall add some super-charged teasers as you advise.

-Eli Trier,, Bristol, UK

I’ve been meaning to write to thank you. I used the suggestions you give in your About Page article to write the About page for my website/blog. Your ideas were so helpful. I’ve been recommending you to friends.

-Genevieve Mandola,, New York, NY

I appreciate you doing this; both article suggestions you made are good ideas and speak to Southeast Discovery’s audience. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to consistently work together for the past 3 or 4 years now and I want you to know I appreciate your consistency and being dependable. Thank you!

-Marian Schaffer, Managing Broker, Principal and Founder, The Schaffer Realty Group, Libertyville, IL

The first two times I read Kimberly’s marketing plan, I said, “I can do this, even while working my full-time job.” That was the first time I felt any hope of making my dream come true. The marketing plan presented clear, systematic actions that I could do at my own pace without feeling pressure. I have and will continue to recommend her services.

-Lisa Stevens, Mosaic Artist, Highlands Ranch, CO

Kimberly really cares about what she does, she is incredibly insightful and organized and will absolutely help you with her expertise. She’s an extremely easy person to work with and makes the whole marketing process pleasant and fun. 

Diane Cardaci, Fine Artist,, Palm Beach Shores, FL

I am truly glad I hired Kimberly for her marketing strategy services. Working with her has given me insight and confidence that just can’t be found by spending hours reading and researching articles/blogs churned up by a Google search. I now see more opportunities for myself: I’m better at time management in building my online business, and I have more confidence and less anxiety. I now feel like my goals are tangible and realistic, and I’m grounded going forward with what I feel I am called to do in my life!

Connie Owens, Artist, Hand-Painted Jewelry and Watercolors,, Burleson, TX