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One of the methods I find most effective for getting the creative juices flowing again is to get the hell out of Dodge. Or in my case, Wilmington, NC.

So I did that recently.  I met up with a good buddy in Tybee Island, GA for a few days of sun, fun, fried seafood, boatloads of stimulating conversation, and Happy Hour on the patio every day at 5:00 p.m. (I think that last bit was my favorite.)

And boy, did I ever need this trip.

You know those inflatable figures you see on the side of the road that dance around in the wind, trying to call attention to some small business with their goofy herky-jerky movements?  And how if they’re not inflated properly or the wind isn’t cooperating that day, they kind of bob around listlessly?

That’s a little bit like what I was feeling like.

But my Tybee trip changed that.

beach at Tybee Island, Georgia

beach at Tybee Island, Georgia

Because how liberating is it to be able to plan your days based simply on what you most feel like doing that day – or what you most decidedly do not feel like doing?  Like, say, dressing up in your monkey suit and showing up at a building to sit in front of a computer all day and have someone else – I’ve heard they’re called “bosses” – dictate what you do for the next 8 – 10 hours.  {Shivers.}

That’s the beauty of getting away.  Your days are your own to do with whatever you please.  And that kind of freedom breeds creative inspiration, which ideally carries over into your everyday life once you return home.  It’s as if something has been shaken and stirred – you can’t quite put your finger on it, but something is different.

The creative doors are blown off, and the ideas start knocking around in your head so fast and furious you write them down hourly in the Moleskin you carry with you everywhere you go, or in that tattered notebook in the bottom of your purse, or in Notes app on your iPhone.

I’m reminded of a passage about a character named Lily from Virginia Woolf’s novel To The Lighthouse:

Certainly she was losing consciousness of outer things. And as she lost consciousness of outer things … her mind kept throwing up from its depths, scenes, and names, and sayings, and memories and ideas, like a fountain spurting.

That’s been my reality since I got back from Tybee.  Fingers crossed the ideas and inspiration keep on a comin.’

What about you?  How does getting out of town for a few days, or at least away from your normal surroundings, affect your creative output?  And how do you keep that good creative vibe going once you return to your daily life?

I’d love to hear your thoughts about your experience with this in the comments below, so go on and share.  You know you want to.  : )

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