What Would You Like to Stop Doing?

You might want to ask yourself that.

I am, as prompted by The Burning Question this week over on Danielle LaPorte’s blog.

Every week Danielle posts a “Burning Question” on her site, which people then answer on their blogs, and that’s what I’m doing here today.

(If you don’t know who Danielle is, I highly recommend you get over to her site pronto and check her out.  You know, after you finish reading this post.  ; )  I think she’s amazeballs, and I’m not alone.)

So here’s what I’m going to stop doing:

Thinking small, dreaming small and playing small when it comes to my business.  Undercharging for my services. Worrying that everything has to be “perfect.”  Being afraid to tell that client I want to get paid – now.  Changing up my informal, approachable writing & clienting style to a more corporate, play-by-the-rules, inside-the-box experience so I can be “taken seriously” by corporate types. ( I have nothing in common with those types and don’t want them as clients, so why do I care?) Hmm, what else? Participating in idle office gossip.  Reading and/or watching the (bad) news.  Feeling guilty about loving The Real Housewives of Orange County.  And watching it.  Regularly.  (So there. )  ; )

And here’s what I’m going to start doing:

Celebrating my creativity, ingenuity and resourcefulness.  Holding myself accountable.  Talking to my girlfriends more often. Taking big crazy chances on opportunities that light me up and stretch me.  Blazing into tomorrow and next week and next month on fire with faith, belief and knowing.  Giving compliments to strangers.  Believing,  even more than I do now, that helping other people shine a light on their awesome talents and gifts is significant and necessary work, and matters in the world.

That’s my (short) list.

What’s yours?

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