How to Set Up a Blog in 4 Easy Steps for blogging

That’s right, my creative friends!  Let’s get this get this piece of your marketing pie in place ASAP, so you can start sharing your brilliance with the world and educating your prospects and customers about what you have to offer.

We’ve talked on the blog many times about the benefits of blogging for business, so I won’t belabor the point here. Instead, let’s jump right to setting up your blog.

(Read more here about the benefits of blogging for your business if you still need convincing.  ; ) )

If you’re serious about creating a piece of online real estate which you own and control, and which can help build your brand online, then the method and resources below are what I suggest. Especially, use for your blogging platform. It’s simply the most robust and customizable platform out there, and proves you’re a serious player and not just a hobbyist when it comes to your business and brand.

There are just 4 steps to getting your blog set up (yes, it really is this simple), and they are:

1. Buy a domain
2. Get web hosting
3. Set up
4. Pick a theme

Each of these things are fairly simple and straightforward to do, and you DO NOT need to be “technical” to do them on your own. Seriously. If I did it, anyone can do it.

The link below will take you to 4 short videos on how to do each of these steps; all 4 videos together will take less than half an hour to watch. The videos explain, step-by-step, in simple language, how to get your blog up and running quickly.

(The videos were created by David Risley, who earns a healthy 6 figures a year plus from blogging, so he knows what he’s talking about where blogging is concerned. I took an intensive months long blogging course from David a few years ago which taught me much of what I know and use today.)

David Risley’s blog set up guide, in 4 Easy Steps:

Good luck, and Happy Blogging!

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