Some Notes on What I Read This Week: February 8 Edition

Call me crazy, but I love it when the Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer (full title: Trader Joe’s Fearless Flyer: As Always, Free, and Worth Every Penny) lands in my mailbox each month. I read the thing from cover to cover, in fact. Yes, I shop at Trader Joe’s, and I’m happy to be informed about what’s on special, but mostly I love the Fearless Flyer for the copywriting.

It’s got personality and sass; it’s conversational and fun. I actually keep a few issues in my copywriting swipe file, studying them from time to time to remind myself what compelling, brand-appropriate copywriting looks like.

Here’s an excerpt from the February edition:

Keep That Perfect Beet. We Got the Beet! Just Beet It!: How many beet/beat puns can we make? Let’s just say it’s best that we stop now, before we spiral completely out of control. Much better that we speak of Trader Joe’s Organic Beets, which are both entirely edible (unlike our puns), and happen to utilize the correct spelling of the word.

Most inspirational thing I read about marketing, “remarkable ideas,” and doing things differently in business: An e-book by Seth Godin called 99 Cows, which highlights stories of businesses and people doing remarkable things.

From the introduction: “I wrote 99 Cows to help readers of Purple Cow see what I mean when I talk about ‘going to the edges.’ Every single story in this e-book is about the edges. These are companies (big and small) and individuals (successful and not-yet-successful) who made the scary choice to be remarkable. When I say remarkable, I mean just that. It’s worth talking about.” 

I would love to include a link here to where you can download your own copy, but a friend sent a copy of this e-book to me. You can, however, read an essay adapted from the book Purple Cow: Transform Your Business by Becoming Remarkable on Fast Company here: 

In Praise of the Purple Cow: Remarkably honest ideas (and remarkably useful case studies) about making and marketing remarkable products.

I plan to buy a copy of the book this week.

Funniest thing read all week, about writers to “watch out for,” which I heard about through Esme Wang’s newsletter:

Ten writers to watch for. No, seriously, watch the hell out for these writers.

New book bought this week: Under Magnolia: A Southern Memoir, by Frances Mayes of Under the Tuscan Sun fame, on Tuesday 02.03.15. Reading this book makes me feel proud – and lucky – to be from the South, the dirty South, y’all. 

Books I finished this week: Just one this week, the novel This Dark Road to Mercy, by New York Times bestselling author Wiley Cash, who just happens to live in the same town I do, Wilmington, NC.

And finally, most ridiculous comment overheard (at the local IRS office. Story for another day.): “Why does she keep having young’uns?! I woulda thought at this point they’d tie her tubes!” I am not making this up.

And there you have it, some notes on what I read this week. Feel free to leave a comment below about what you read this week, or share your own reading suggestions!

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