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I put together a few resources I hope you’ll find valuable as you write website copy for your photography business and optimize your online presence to attract your ideal clients.

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In this massive post geared specifically to photographers, I share a powerful and simple to implement tweak you can make in your website copy to win more clients, plus a whole bunch of other tips for writing compelling web copy:

For Photographers: The Simple Yet Powerful Website Copy Tweak That Will Win You More Clients (& How to Implement It)

And if you need to write your client-attracting About page, this will help:

:: How to Transform Your Boring, Lackluster About Page into an Ideal Client-Attracting Magnet: A Guide for Creative Types.

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And here’s a PDF download of an About page I recently wrote for a wedding photographer. It’s a good example of client-focused copywriting, which is how you want to write your own website copy.

Wedding Photographer About Page

And here are a few of my best blog posts on marketing in general and on writing web copy that sells in particular:

Creatives: How to Uncover Your Unique Selling Proposition (and why you need to) [This post includes a free downloadable worksheet for figuring out your USP!]

How to Write Headlines for Your Creative Business That Don’t Make You Cringe with Embarrassment (or, Why Great Headlines Beat Peanut Butter on Pancakes)

What a Personal Development Classic from 1959 Can Teach You About Writing Web Copy That Sells

How to Sell Any Boring Old Thing with Scandalously Good Copy

Authentic Marketing & Selling for Introverted Creatives: Tips for marketing your work if you’re a creative and/or an introvert and don’t feel comfortable promoting yourself

7 Easy Ways to Improve Your Web Copy Today for Better Sales: Basics for Creatives 

If You Can’t Beat ‘Em, Join ‘Em: The Baby Carrot Story and Using Personality in Marketing

What Can Chocolate Cake and Donuts Teach You About Selling More?

Can copywriting principles work for visual artists?

And here are a couple of guest articles I’ve written on must-know copywriting topics:

Taglines 101: How to Create a Tagline for Your Creative Business When You’re Just Starting Out

6 Authentic, Low-Cost Ways to Differentiate Yourself Online to Attract Your Ideal Clients and Customers

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