Marketing Messages That Convert: A Step-by-Step Copy Messaging Guide

Marketing Messages That Convert: A Step-by-Step Copy Messaging Guide for Solopreneurs, Freelancers, Creative Business Builders & Other Non-Marketing Types

11 No B.S. Lessons on How to Create Marketing Messages That Help You Stand Out in an Overcrowded Market, Attract & Connect with Your Ideal Clients, & Get More Business, Bookings & Sales



The Copy Messaging Guide is currently unavailable while I’m updating it. If you really and truly want to buy the current version at $10, email me (kimberly (at) kimberlydhouston (dot) com), and I’ll get you sorted! 


What’s the difference between talented creatives, solopreneurs and freelancers who consistently attract and convert ideal prospects and clients directly through their website, and those who struggle to get even low-paying, bargain-shopping clients who make them want to rip their hair out, strand by strand?

If you’re getting consistent traffic to your website made up of potential clients who are ideal for your products and services, but they aren’t signing up for your email list, inquiring about working with you, or converting into actual clients . . .

Or, you’re not getting the right kind of clients . . .

Then the most likely problem is your web copy is not conveying a persuasive marketing message, one that is unique to you, helps you stand out online, and that your ideal clients find so compelling they can’t wait to reach out and inquire about working with you.

See, most freelancers, solopreneurs and creatives aren’t getting nearly enough client inquiries and real, live, sign-on-the-dotted line ACTUAL clients from their web presence, because their website messaging is bland, confusing, corporate, boring, or says the EXACT same thing, in the nearly the exact same way, as every other service provider providing similar products and/or services. (Which is why you get price-shopped, by the way.)

So that means all that work you’re doing to drive quality traffic to your website?

It isn’t converting perfect-for-you prospects into ideal clients. And that, my friend, is a huge waste of time, and a whole lotta dollars left on the table.

On the other hand, the right marketing message for your target audience:

#1: Attracts the ideal clients you’re meant to work with

#2: Helps you stand out online among all the other creatives & service providers who do the same thing you do, so your “right people” choose you

#3: Compels your right people to get so excited about the prospect of working with you after exploring your website, that they practically fall over themselves trying to get in touch with you to get on your project schedule [This has happened to me so many times I’ve lost count, but it still delights me every single time!]

The Marketing Message That Converts Guide lays out, step-by-step, the exact process I use with my private copywriting clients when I’m creating their compelling, client-attracting marketing messages, and is also the same process I used to create my own effective website copy + messaging.

If you’re ready to create marketing messages that convert for your business, this guide will show you how.

For way, way less than the cost of your weekly Starbucks habit or your Friday night bar tab, you’ll:

:: Learn how to create compelling messages for your freelance, creative, solo or small business that appeal to your ideal clients & customers

:: Develop messages for your website, social media networks, email newsletters, blog posts and other marketing communication channels that’ll help you stand out from the other 567,878 businesses online who do what you do

:: Attract the kind of clients & customers that thrill and delight you, rather than the ones who make you want to drive off a bridge

IMPORTANT: This is first iteration of the guide, so it’s a beta version*, meaning, there’s no fancy design or other bells and whistles. It’s simply the guide in PDF form . . . BUT, with all the copy messaging knowledge bombs you need to create a signature marketing message that will help you attract and convert more of your ideal clients.

And since it’s in beta, that means it’s also C-R-A-Z-Y affordable. Win-win!


(*That said, if the very idea of buying something that isn’t gorgeously designed and perfectly perfect right out of the gate threatens to make your eyeballs bleed, then you may want to wait until the guide comes out later this year in its fully designed form, with a few extra bells & whistles added, when the price will be who-knows-how-much-higher, but the design will be way prettier.)

But if it were me?

I’d get it now so you can start creating compelling marketing messages that attract and convert the kind of clients & customers you want to work with (and more of them), now rather than later.

As an added bonus, there’s a very special offer for a very special price (kind of crazy, actually) at the end of the guide if you’d like to work together privately. That’s 100% optional, of course.

I’m confident that if you read all 11 lessons in this guide & implement the action items, you WILL be able to create much better, way more effective messaging that resonates with your ideal audience.  


Want a sneek peak of what’s inside?

I got you. Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What the heck a “marketing message” is, and why you need one
  • The Dreadful Client Repelling Mistake That Will Keep You Broke (and how to fix it) + My Story
  • 11 No-Fail Audience Research Resources to Help You Define Your Ideal Client
  • Audience Insight Worksheet + my ideal client avatar/perfect customer/buyer persona sketch, so you can see what this looks like IRL (and use it to create your own)
  • What a Unique Selling Proposition (USP) is, and why you need to determine yours now
  • The USP Discovery Process (with examples)
  • The Defining Your USP Checklist – use this to determine what sets you apart in your market so your ideal potential clients want to choose you
  • Examples of Marketing Messages That Convert
  • Where to Use Your Marketing Messages + an example of what this looks like on a website
  • What are you really selling? Use this powerful copywriting technique to find out (so you can supercharge your marketing message to appeal to your ideal clients)



Praise from a couple of my amazing clients:

“I’m sitting here reading my pricing magazine and thinking about how the web copy you wrote has worked wonders for me. I continue to use it daily over here! On my website and especially my pricing guide that gets me a ton of bookings. What an amazing difference it has made for my business this year. I wanted to send you a nice email, thanks again for everything.”

~ Rachael Koscica, Fine Art Wedding Photographer, Rachael Koscica Photography, Phoenix, AZ

“Kimberly helped me uncover the factors that make up the ‘meaningful difference’ in my business, things that will help me stand out in my niche. But more than that, she helped me get clarity on my whole business vision, which has been invaluable. The benefits you’ll get are beyond what you could imagine. It’s an amazing investment. She’s like a copywriter and business coach and cheerleader all rolled into one!”

~ Rhégina Sinozich, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach, and Workshop Facilitator, Bethesda, MD