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Today I want to share a quick little follow-up tip to the post I recently wrote about optimizing your profile on LinkedIn, where I talked about 5 key areas to place keywords in your LinkedIn profile.

In case you weren’t aware, you can add three website hyperlinks of your choice in the “Additional Information” section of your profile and name these links whatever you’d like, provided the copy doesn’t go over the character count.

A lot of folks leave the default hyperlink copy there, which you don’t want to do, unless you want to optimize your site for “My Website,” “My Portfolio” and “My Blog.”  Just a little tip from me to you. ; )

Here’s how you do this:

1. Scroll down to your “Additional Information” section, which is under the “Recommendations” section and click the “edit” link. This is what you’ll see:

LinkedIn Hyperlinks for SEO

2. So here what you want to do, rather than selecting any of the defaults like “personal website,” “company website,” or “blog,” etc., is select “Other.”

3. Enter your custom copy in the fields there, then add your links. You can see what I did above. I entered my blog link, which I called “Get Your Creative Biz Online,” the direct link to my email opt-in page, which I called “Skills to Grow Your Small Biz,” and my Facebook Page, which I called “Join the Community.”

4. Then hit “Save Changes” and when you’re taken back to your profile, you’ll see your live hyperlinks, like this:

LinkedIn Additional Info

These are of course live links that point directly to the web properties you put in the fields there.

Tah-dah, easy-peasy, right?

Resource Alert: If you want to know more about using LinkedIn to grow your business, check out what Lewis Howes is up to – he’s a well-respected LinkedIn marketing expert, and my go-to mentor for all things LinkedIn.  I linked to Lewis in my previous LinkedIn post if you want to check that out.

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