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Calling All Creative Rebels: Are You Connecting with Your Ideal Clients Online?


Hi, I’m Kimberly Houston. I write about attracting and connecting with your ideal clients, customers & collectors online + selling with integrity using the awesome power of words. 


The people who most resonate with my work are “creative rebels.”


If you’ve done things a little differently in business and in life, haven’t always followed what society dictates you “should” do, and don’t believe in cookie cutter rules, advice, formulas, hype, and the kind of marketing that makes you want to break out in hives, then welcome, you’ll fit in perfectly around here. 

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• Book more projects & make more folding money (because we don’t believe in the term “starving artist” around here)

All while keeping your creative integrity intact.

I really love your newsletter. Believe me, I unsubscribe from a lot, but every week yours is really interesting! Thank you! ~ Sophia Tise, Artist,

Let me say how much I enjoy your weekly newsletter. I get so much value from the real world examples you provide. Today’s newsletter was no exception. Thanks! ~ Tara Hall, Designer and Owner, Hazel & Gray

I just totally rewrote my about page with the help of your free ebook and I love reading all of these tips. The best part is: no one else is writing like this! I can clearly see in your examples that the content that speaks to the reader is so much more interesting so I can’t wait to see what my new content will do for my website. Thanks for all of your useful posts! ~ Rebekah Nemethy, ReflectivePhotos.Net  


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A little about me . . . 

I’ve written persuasive marketing communications for clients for over 15 years, including big corporate clients like major medical centers, real estate companies, brick manufacturers, and other large corporate clients.

That kind of work paid the bills, but as a sensitive creative, it wasn’t bringing me a lot of joy. So about 5 years ago, I switched my focus to helping creative business builders & entrepreneurs create and share their compelling marketing message and attract their ideal clients.

Now I work with creative solopreneurs and small businesses like you to help you determine who your ideal clients are, figure out the “meaningful difference” that sets you apart in the marketplace, and write persuasive web copy and other marketing communications that attract and connect with your ideal clients & customers and help you make more sales.

I’ve written website & other marketing copy for wedding & portrait photographers; artists; interior designers; fine art photographers; wedding planners; psychotherapists & counselors/coaches; business strategists, coaches & consultants, and many others who consider themselves “creative rebels.”  

I’ve had guest posts featured on The Abundant Artist, Create Hype, Successful Blogging, and Artstorefronts, among others, and been interviewed by sites like Six Figure Photography, Artist Think, and Beginner’s Photography Podcast.

But enough about me, fer cryin’ out loud!


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