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You’re not one of them.

Nope, you’re fine with letting your creative brilliance shine and earning enough folding money from it to live life on your own terms, one where you call the shots.

And you don’t want to compromise your creative integrity when it comes to the business of being creative – from the clients you take on and the way you like to work, to the schedule you keep and the art you create – whether it’s photography, design, printmaking, painting, fashion, or whichever creative pursuit you make your living from.

You are a creative rebel.



:: You’re ready to stop taking clients simply because they have a checkbook and a pulse.

:: You want to get off the feast-or-famine roller coaster for good.

:: You want to sell, without selling out.

:: You want clients who “get” your value and respect your creative vision.  Yep, those – the ones who want to collaborate, but are happy to let you remain in control of the design process – because hey, you’re the creative professional after all.  They also understand the work of a talented soul like you might be pricey, but it’s well worth it – because good clients are profitable.

:: Also? You don’t want to compromise your creative integrity in the name of booking your project calendar to its fullest. Because this one life you have?  It’s also about good times  . . . and letting your creative freak flag fly on your own non-client projects, too.

That’s where I come in.

I’m Kimberly Houston, and I help creative service professionals – photographers, designers, stylists, illustrators, makers and other creative visionaries and tastemakers:

:: Create a persuasive online presence through personality-driven copywriting and web marketing that captivates, connects and converts your “just right” people into ideal clients.

:: Market in a way that is respectful of your personality through-and-through. (Slick, “salesy” marketing-speak that doesn’t resonate with the real, authentic you not allowed. Blood brother promise.)

:: Implement a combination of web copy and marketing in a way that shines a light on your unique gifts and big talent, so you can differentiate yourself from the other 567,878 lifeless portfolio sites out there that reek of beauty, but don’t make an emotional connection with the right kind of clients, right now.

(Hint: Stop the price-shopping madness by differentiating yourself with powerful copy that weaves your unique story and personality throughout your website and speaks directly to your ideal clients.)

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THE “OFFICIAL” BIO (List of Actual “Bonafides,” and I Do Have Some)

• My marketing journey started in the southwestern jewelry business, where I spent 6+ years in marketing and sales. In this role I helped plan, develop and execute promotional activities such as direct mail, advertising, trade shows, and catalog production, as well as servicing a 3-state client base as a salesperson.

• I moved from there to working for a small, boutique PR agency, where I helped conceptualize and execute public relations campaigns. I provided research and analysis, media relations, strategic planning, and creative, advertising and web visibility services for client accounts in the service, non-profit and manufacturing sectors.

• Next, I made a long-term dream of mine come true:  I started working on political campaigns, a crazy, fast-paced, and totally consuming career, which I loved unreservedly.  In my work across several campaigns and election seasons, I coordinated community outreach, fundraising, and strategic communications; managed a paid staff and hundreds of volunteers; helped craft campaign strategies, and in collaboration with a team of campaign strategists, developed consistent branding using media, direct mail, research, polling, and field outreach.

• From there, I took a very brief detour into non-profit fundraising, where I worked to increase the size and number of donations for a local public radio station through a branded, targeted messaging campaign and one-on-one outreach.

• I also have a terrific education, which I got not because I had a specific career goal in mind, but because I was passionately interested in the subject matter. I earned a Master of Arts in Latin American Studies from the University of New Mexico, and a Bachelor of Arts in English from Fordham University in New York.

Now that I’ve gone on about myself for what seems like days, it’s time for me to wrap this up.

As for you, creative soul, go ahead and enter your name and email in the form above to get free weekly updates on copywriting and web marketing that shines a light on the real you, helps you roll out the red carpet for your dream clients, and gets you more projects, more bookings and more cash

To your awesome success,


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