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Gotta Be Those End-of-Summer Blues: It’s Time to Publish a New Blog Post, and None of My Long List of Post Ideas is Calling to Me {+ upcoming blog post topics}

Photo by Oscar Keys on Unsplash

Welp, here it is August 31, and boy, would I love to get a blog post published today.

I typically only publish one new post per month, and today is the last day of August.

So, it feels like I “should” spend the next 8-10 hours creating a stellar teaching post of some kind, something my audience could benefit / learn from, and publish it sometime before the clock strikes midnight.

But hitting a client project deadline today is more important. (Yes, on a Saturday.)

And the massive post about USPs (unique selling propositions) I’ve been working on for weeks (& weeks) is not quite ready yet.

Other excuses might include …

August has been one crazy month. There have been wins, losses, speed bumps, challenges, great new projects & clients, and other projects that I’m sad to see come to an end.

There was unexpected personal life stuff I couldn’t have predicted (of course, you never really can, right?)

And, I’ve been in a weird, low-energy funk for the last few days.

The end-of-summer-blues, maybe?

While I fully agree with respected copywriting mentor, Joanna Wiebe of Copyhackers, that you should not post simply for the sake of posting, but instead, post strategically to build authority, I want to write & publish something today.

That’s why I just spent 60 minutes going through my long list of topic ideas, scouring the internet, contemplating questions clients and email subscribers have asked me recently, reviewing a bunch of writing prompts I’ve collected over the years, and checking out the blogs of my favorite writers, copywriters, and business owners.

And still … I got nothin.’

Now, that’s not to say my blog post ideas list doesn’t contain what I consider great topics I’m eager to write about, just that none of them appeal to me today.

Yes, I know that sounds like whining.

But truth be told, each of them will require a fair amount of research and wrangling to write, which means anywhere from 10-20 hours, plus, to do properly.

And the current client project takes precedence on this sunny August Saturday; that’s just how it’s gotta be.

So today, I’ll simply share a small handful of the post ideas on my list, topics you’ll see me write about here in the coming months. Feel free to comment here or email me if one of these strikes your fancy or feels like something you’d love to know more about.

Current Blog Post Topic Ideas

#1: A review of my favorite personality-based brands, why I love them, and what they’re doing right that you can emulate. [On my short list: Saddleback Leather, Hiut Denim, Warby Parker, Casper, Trader Joe’s, Jeep, Mailchimp, Tom’s Shoes, Artifact Uprising & Really Good Emails, to name a few.]

#2: An FAQ post about copywriting & other topics related to the work I do with clients

#3: Why voice of customer (VOC) data is so important to creating compelling & resonant copy that converts, and how to collect it

#4: Big-ass round-up of killer copywriting resources

#5: A series of web copy and messaging teardowns

#6: Swipe files: how to use them; what they’re for

#7: How to create a clear path to buy on your website

#8: Email marketing / huge lost opportunity to relationship-build: I subscribed to the email lists of several ad agencies a few months ago, and didn’t receive a confirmation email from 90% of them, or any emails since from most of them. And these are agencies that offer email marketing services, fer cryin’ out loud!! Not sure what this post will end up looking like, but most likely will cover how to write an effective confirmation email and related follow-up sequence.

#9: My experience entering an email copywriting contest a few months ago, coming in 4th, and having my email copy dissected by an expert email copywriter

And that’s all I got for today.

If any of these topics resonate with you, let me know, or feel free to suggest others.

Now, it’s time to get on that client project so I can get it finished by 6:00 pm, at which point I will reward myself with my favorite Ben & Jerry’s ice cream, Vanilla Caramel Fudge. 😊