But hell and high water couldn’t have kept you from it. And getting – or keeping – a j-o-b was never part of the plan.

And now you’re supporting yourself as a creative professional. (Take that, naysayers.)

Chalk one up for creative courage.

The downside? Some days it feels like your creativity – the one constant in your life, the very thing that used to make you feel most incandescent and alive – is being compromised by the stress of chasing down paying projects and client bookings, hanging on white-knuckled to the feast-or-famine roller coaster, and working with clients and on projects that leave you feeling underappreciated, unfulfilled, underpaid . . . and exhausted.


Creative integrity and profit are not meant to be mutually exclusive.


Clients who respect the creative process and value your unique way of transforming the mundane into the magical (and are happy to pay a premium for it) aren’t like your imaginary best friend from grade school – they exist.

But to get them you have to differentiate yourself and your creative services so you can stand out in an oversaturated market full of portfolio sites that reek of beauty, but don’t make an emotional connection to the right clients at the right time. You know the sites I mean – the ones that all look pretty much identical to each other, all 567,878 of them. (I did the math.)

I’m Kimberly.


I’m an AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) trained copywriter who specializes in helping creative pros like you – photographers, interior designers, stylists, illustrators, makers and other creative visionaries and tastemakers – rise above the online fray with personality-driven web copy and web marketing that captivates, connects and converts your ideal clients online, so you can book more projects and make more cash.

And, just as importantly? Without compromising your creative integrity or working around the clock.

Because my creative snowflake, effective, targeted web copy does more than make you memorable – hey, you can get naked at a party and wear a lampshade on your head for that – it drives more sales. It establishes rapport with your dream clients, while politely shooing away the ones who aren’t. (As in, “move along, there’s nothing to see here.” Yep, get ready for the tire kickers and the price shoppers to mosey on out of town – your online town, that is.)


If you’re a creative professional who wants to:

:: Create a thriving online presence that instantly captivates clients who are perfect for what you have to offer . . . and subtly repels those who aren’t

:: Get client inquiries rolling in consistently so you can get off the feast-or-famine roller coaster for good

:: Book more projects and make more folding money (because we have a “no starving artist” policy around here)

:: Differentiate yourself from the teaming mass of humanity on the Internet, AKA the other 567,878 creatives online who do what you do

 :: All without compromising your creative integrity or feeling overtly “salesy” or “markety”::

Then you’re in the right place.

So stick around and:

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See you on “the inside!”

What They’re Saying . . .

Kimberly helped me uncover the factors that make up the ‘meaningful difference’ in my business, things that will help me stand out in my niche. But more than that, she helped me get clarity on my whole business vision, which has been invaluable. The benefits you’ll get are beyond what you could imagine. It’s an amazing investment. She’s like a copywriter and business coach and cheerleader all rolled into one!

-Rhégina Sinozich, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach, and Workshop Facilitator, Bethesda, MD

I was too close to my copy to see ways to improve it. I had taken it as far as I could on my own, but felt like it was still missing that special punch. Kimberly’s advice wasn’t cookie cutter “do this, then that” instruction, but actually tailored to the tone and overall goal of my page. The biggest impact was really how she dove into each sentence to add more specific personality. When I thought I had a great benefit of my product listed, she took it 3 steps further to show what a really well-crafted benefit looked like. It was above and beyond what I expected and was so helpful. All of Kimberly’s ideas were spot on and I can’t wait to implement them.

-Tony Rulli,, California

Kimberly’s copy review helped me fill in gaps in my copy I had not thought of. And she surprised me by reviewing other web pages that we hadn’t previously discussed! My copy now flows better and feels more authentic (she really nailed how I wanted to speak). And she shared tips and tricks that I’ll go back and add as I have more time. She rocks!!!

-Whitney Hutten, PhD,, Boulder, CO

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving such wonderful feedback. You are very good at this – I shall add some super-charged teasers as you advise.

-Eli Trier,, Bristol, UK

I’ve been meaning to write to thank you. I used the suggestions you give in your About Page article to write the About page for my website/blog. Your ideas were so helpful. I’ve been recommending you to friends.

-Genevieve Mandola,, New York, NY

I appreciate you doing this; both article suggestions you made are good ideas and speak to my audience. I’m grateful that we’ve been able to consistently work together for the past seven years now and I want you to know I appreciate your consistency and being dependable. Thank you!

-Marian Schaffer, Managing Broker, Principal and Founder, The Schaffer Realty Group, Libertyville, IL