The Creating Better Copy Personalized Help Session

5 2 Spots Available in September 2018

Want a customized-for-you answer to your top copywriting challenges, and clear ideas for improving your website copy ASAP to more effectively call in and convert your ideal clients?


Reading blog posts, taking online courses, and devouring newsletters on marketing and copywriting is great, and you can get a lot of traction that way, if you sensibly implement what you learn.


Sometimes you need more.

Sometimes you need personalized feedback and guidance from a trained copywriter and marketer with years of experience, someone to share advice and strategy specific to you and only you, geared to your exact situation.

Your unique challenges. Your unique business. Your unique copywriting and marketing issues.

That’s why I created the Creating Better Copy Personalized Help Session: You + Me + a One Hour Private Workshop to Address Your Most Pressing Web Copy Challenges Right Now


In this session, we’ll spend one full hour together workshopping your #1 web copy issue (or issues, if we can squeeze in more than one!) and answering your most pressing copywriting questions.



:: You come to the call with 1 or 2 specific copywriting questions you want answered, or a very specific copywriting challenge we can easily address in a one hour private session.

The topic can be anything on the list below, or anything else we can easily address in one hour or less:

:: Help figuring out what your tagline should be so you can set yourself apart online and get more web visitors to browse your site

:: Help creating a clear “path to buy” on your site so your web visitors can easily sign up for a session with you or buy your stuff

:: Help with your opt-in copy so more people sign up for your email list

:: Help with making the headlines on each of your web pages more compelling so people stick around your site and explore what you have to offer

:: Help figuring out the right call to action (CTA) for each page of your site so your visitors take the actions you want them to take

:: Help with figuring out what your opt-in incentive/free giveaway should be, or if you even need to offer one

:: Guidance on defining your ideal clients and your unique selling proposition, or what I prefer to call your “meaningful difference,” so your message resonates with your intended audience and helps you stand out online

Basically, fairly simple copy and messaging topics with fairly straightforward answers.

You’ll walk away with a customized-for-you answer to your top copywriting challenge, and clear ideas for improving your website copy ASAP to more effectively call in and convert your ideal clients. *I’ll also send you follow-up notes and a basic recap of our conversation after the call.* 


*To keep this affordable, this session is a more stripped down version of my higher level consulting, meaning there will be no call recording or or post-call copy coaching through email. That said, I’ll send you follow-up notes and a basic recap of our conversation. Please be sure you’re ok with that before you purchase.

*Also, there will be no refunds on this service, so please shop mindfully. 🙂


:: Pay via PayPal by clicking on the button below (You don’t need a PayPal account to pay with PayPal, by the way.)

:: Once I receive your payment, I’ll reach out to you within 48 hours (via the email you provide when you pay, so make sure the email address associated with your PayPal payment is where I can reach you) with a few brief questions about your situation and the specific copywriting issue or challenge you want to workshop together.

:: You’ll get your answers to these questions back to me within 5 business days

:: I’ll review your answers and reach out to you to schedule your personalized help session.

That’s it! Easy-peasy!

If you’re ready, simply click on the BUY NOW button below and you’ll be directed to the page where you can purchase your personalized copywriting help session for $197  


Here’s what a few wonderful clients have had to say about our work together:

Kimberly helped me uncover the factors that make up the “meaningful difference” in my business, things that will help me stand out in my niche. The process of refining my USP was so helpful. But more than that, she helped me get clarity on my whole business vision, which has been invaluable. She’s like a copywriter and business coach and cheerleader all rolled into one!

Rhégina Sinozich, Psychotherapist, Speaker, Coach, and Workshop Facilitator,, Bethesda, MD

Working with Kimberly was one of the best decisions I made for my art business! I was struggling to write my own website copy, and found it difficult to be clear, concise and compelling. Kimberly was a guiding light who helped me separate the wheat from the chaff.  She helped me improve the copy on my website tremendously, taking the time to thoroughly understand my work and the message I was trying to convey.

Colleen Stratton, Fine Artist, Los Angeles, CA

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving such wonderful feedback. You are very good at this – I shall add some super-charged teasers as you advise.  

Eli Trier,, Bristol, UK

Kimberly’s copy review helped me fill in gaps in my copy I had not thought of. My copy now flows better and feels more authentic (she really nailed how I wanted to speak). And she shared tips and tricks that I’ll go back and add as I have more time. She rocks!!!

Whitney Hutten, PhD, Author, Coach & Changemaker,, Boulder, CO

Kimberly really cares about what she does, she is incredibly insightful and organized and will absolutely help you with her expertise. She’s an extremely easy person to work with and makes the whole marketing process pleasant and fun. 

Diane Cardaci, Fine Artist,, Palm Beach Shores, FL

Other testimonials are here. 


As we all know, business is risky. So my advice doesn’t come with any guarantees. You get that, right? Cool. Now here’s the serious-suit-and-briefcase version: This service is not a substitute for working with a business consultant or other professional. I cannot guarantee the outcome of following the recommendations provided and any statements made regarding the potential outcome are expressions of opinion only, based on my 13+ years of copywriting and marketing experience. I make no guarantees about the information and recommendations provided herein. By using this service, you acknowledge that I cannot guarantee any particular results, as such outcomes are based on subjective factors that are not within my control. Therefore, following any information or recommendations provided as part of this service are at your own risk.