The 30-Day Writing & Publishing Project, Day 20: To Fall in Love Again

Yesterday I wrote about my prayer for clarity.

I’d been in a creative conundrum for weeks, lacking a clear vision for which project to devote my time to next at the end of some big client projects I was finishing up. The confusion was getting me down, and even more problematic, keeping me from moving forward. Oh, the inertia!

Stuck, stuck, stuck, that’s how I felt.

So I said a prayer for clarity, and clarity came.

I was weighing two projects – should I spend the next 90 days or so working on my book project, and if so, what should that book project even be? (If you could only see how many folders I’ve started with distinct book ideas, related outlines for each, and even completed chapters. Oh my.)

Or should I put the bulk of my focus on upleveling my copywriting business for now, and put the book project on the “I’ll-work-on-it-for-an-hour-a-day” backburner?

I thought about it and I thought about it, and after a few days, finally just up and asked for clarity. Just asked. Posed the question to the Higher Power, the Universe, God, my inner guide who knows all, ha ha, or however you want to think of the power that exists on a different plane, beyond what we are yet still within us, that can often show us the way.

Then a couple of things happened. Small things. But because I had prayed for clarity, you better believe I paid attention to the signs, as small as they seemed.

First, in an online writers group I belong to, someone had found my website, read a bunch of my blog posts, signed up for my email newsletter, and in general was loving my copywriting and marketing advice, and applying it to her business, which she shared about in the group.  

Just reading her lovely comments lifted a big weight off my shoulders. Aaaaah, I took it in and breathed easier. Muchly. Because what she said made me feel like, ok, my business doesn’t have to feel like it’s taking me away from my “real” creative projects (such as writing the book, or writing and submitting shorter pieces to online and other pubs), it is one of my creative projects. My business is part of my “body of work,” and it allows me to flex my creative muscles in a big, big way.  

Quite simply, it’s not a question of either/or.

And the second I stopped thinking of the copywriting business as separate from my “other” writing and creative projects, I stopped resenting it for preventing me from focusing more time on those other projects. I started to fall in love with it again a little. Then a lot. Head-over-heels in love with my business and the work I’m blessed to get to do for my remarkable clients.

That was sign the 1.

Sign the 2 came in the form of a video. One Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago, as I sat on my sofa drinking my morning joe and reading email, I saw a video filmed at a copywriting conference I’ve wanted to attend for a few years, but have yet to make it to.

The video was from the AWAI (home of one of the copywriting training programs I’ve taken) Fast Track to Copywriting Success Bootcamp and Job Fair from last year (or the year before, not sure). I can’t pinpoint the exact thing about watching this video that made such an impact on me, but I walked away thinking, “Damn, I’m proud to be a copywriter, lucky to part of this amazing tradition of using language persuasively to help connect people to products and services that can genuinely help them, thrilled to be working in this exciting industry.”

(I could wax poetic about copywriting for 1000 words, easy, but I’ll spare you. Though I am thinking of writing a tome called “Copywriting: A Love Story.” I am not making that up.)

So there it is. These two signs got me feeling really enthusiastic about my work again – something I hadn’t felt for my business in many months. Engaged, yes. Happy to be writing marketing copy for wonderful clients, check. But enthusiastic? No.

And now I have all kinds of clarity about how to move forward, what to work on and what to ditch, and how to prioritize my many creative projects. Sweet, sweet relief.

So, saying a prayer for clarity – highly recommended.

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