The 30-Day Writing & Publishing Project, Day 19: Prayer for Clarity

Recently I was struggling with too many projects, not enough time, and way too many ideas for new projects I wanted to start, right here, right now, this instant, without delay.

In my mind it all seemed doable, but back in the real world, I knew it couldn’t all get done in a way that would leave me with even the tiniest shred of sanity. 

It’s so damn hard to “kill our darlings,” as the saying goes, isn’t it?

But that’s what we must do if we want to actually enjoy our lives while running our businesses, because not every idea we have or new project that excites us is appropriate for the season we’re in.

After all, there’s only so much of us to go around, and one likes to get 7-8 hours of shuteye a night, so some projects have to be given the heave-ho, at least temporarily.

If only it weren’t so difficult to figure out which ones.

So one recent night as I lay in bed drifting off to sleep, I said to the ether (well, really, to the Higher Power I believe in, if you want the truth), “Please, just give me a sign, let me have clarity – of the big projects I’m considering right now, which should I choose to focus on for the next 90 days or so? I’m feeling whipsawed by confusion. Because you know I really, really want to write that book, and I’ve been working on that, and I really, really want to uplevel my copywriting business and create more business assets, and I’ve been working on that too, but it all feels like too much, I feel overwhelmed, and it’s getting me down. Actually, more than anything, it’s the lack of clarity that’s getting me down. Because if I knew which project should get most of my attention right now, and which to treat as a side project, at least for the time being, I would do it. I would follow that path and be happy and calm and serene – and and even enthusiastic – about picking ‘the one thing.’  So, please, just send me a sign or an epiphany or a dream or something to tell me the right thing to do.”

That was my fervent prayer. And my prayer was answered.

More on that tomorrow.

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