The 30-Day Writing & Publishing Project, Day 4: Daily Practice

{This post is inspired by illustrator David Litchfield’s Drawing a Day Project. Check out his Ted Talk about the project here.}

People asked me during the project, ‘How do you find the time to do this?’ … ‘How do you find the time to do what you love?’ . . . You find time. If you’re passionate about something and if you’ve got a goal then you find time – and in many cases you have to almost kind of create time.  ~ David Litchfield

When I decided to publish a new blog post each day for 30 days, I had no idea what the organizing principle for the project would be.

What topics would I write about? Would there be some kind of end point or logical destination I was trying to get to? Would there be a “framework” or a “hook,” a unifying theme that held the posts together? Would I even have time to write and publish something each day?

I have to say the answer to those questions is “no.”

While I would love to say that I thought all these things through thoroughly before embarking on this project, with my 30 days of content perfectly planned and organized, and the time required to write each day duly scheduled into my calendar, the truth is I just jumped in without knowing what the heck I’d be writing about from day to day, or with any idea of how it would fit into my busy schedule.

But as I mentioned in my Day One post, if I waited around until I had the “perfect” conceit on which to hang this thing, or loads of free time to devote to it, I would have never gotten started.

And since I have a long history of wanting to do this or that creative project, with many, many ideas collected in a Notepad document, most of which resulted in exactly no follow through, I knew what I had to do this time around: decide to do this thing, make an official declaration to a few people who would hold me accountable, and jump in with both feet, organized plan or no. So that’s what I did.

I believe that when we commit to doing something, the universe conspires to help us.

Or, to put it more eloquently . . .

At the moment of commitment the entire universe conspires to assist you. ~Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

So I’ve found that plenty of inspiration for daily blog posts has come to me in the last few days, such as the Ted Talk linked at the beginning of today’s post. I’ve made a long-ish list of other possible topics as well, which I’ve been adding to daily.

In fact, I think, there’s no way I could write eloquently or well about all these ideas in 30 short days. In fact, right now I feel plum lousy with ideas. On the plus side, I’m sure some of them are dreadful, and in no danger of seeing the light of day here.

But what I want to say is that there’s magic in committing to something, even something as small as saying you will publish a new blog post daily for 30 days.

There’s magic in knowing you must show up to the page every day because you said you would, and because a few people believed in you enough to cheer you on and agree to check in on you from time to time. (Those people are angels, cheerleaders of the highest order.)

There’s magic in committing to your craft, even when you’re feeling bereft and out-of-sorts. And there’s very special magic in believing that practicing your craft daily will help pull you out of the dark-night-of-the-soul/I-feel-so-“meh”-about-everything slump you’ve been in for, oh, about a year now.

And it’s working.

It is working.

Small fragments of light are finding their way in.