Quest 2016: Future Self

Quest 2016 Theme, Day 4: Future Self, from Visionary Dr. Tina Seelig

Dr. Tina Seelig is a faculty director of the Stanford Technology Ventures Program (STVP), the entrepreneurship center at Stanford University’s School of Engineering.  

Today’s prompt:

What advice would your future self a year from now give you today? 

My future self a year from now would say:

:: The wheels won’t come off the bus if you take time to work on writing not related to your business or client projects. And I don’t mean an hour here or there either, I mean a few hours per week. Yes, that’s right, I said a few hours each and every week, without fail. {COMMIT}

:: In fact, I believe and declare that lasting happiness in your creative life, and even great success in your freelance business, is related to doing this very thing. C’mon, you know it’s true.

:: I know that as a freelance writer/copywriter trying to get traction in your business, you sometimes feel like spending time on writing that doesn’t earn money makes you irresponsible, but that’s just resistance talking.

:: And I promise – I promise, I promise, I promise – if you spend this next year devoting yourself to writing, you will be rewarded beyond what even your wildest imagination can gin up right now. I can’t say how, and I can’t say when, but it will happen.

Because remember what we said on Day One of Quest 2016  . . .

Your dreams are as valid as you are prepared to make them.

So git after it.

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