Quest 2016: Daydream

Quest 2016 Theme, Day 5: Daydream, from Visionary Scott Barry Kaufman

Today’s prompt comes from Scott Barry Kaufman, published author, scientific director of the Imagination Institute in the Positive Psychology Center at the University of Pennsylvania, co-founder of The Creativity Post, and blogger at Beautiful Minds.

Today’s prompt:

What recurring daydream for 2016 inspires you to do business as unusual like never before?

It’s all about my core desired feelings (thank you, Danielle Laporte). Mainly, I want to feel creatively fulfilled, spiritually nourished, and financially empowered.

Also, connected, liberated, abundant, vibrant, ALIVE, generous, loving, on purpose, courageous and expansive.

My recurring daydream involves doing all things I’ve identified that will make me feel that way: carving out time for, and committing to, several hours a week to work on my personal creative projects; being more social; getting back to a regular yoga practice; taking salsa lessons; and in the summer, swim lessons & surf lessons; finding a just-right volunteer opportunity/giving back; visiting with family and friends MUCH more frequently; gifting myself a DIY writer’s retreat at a house on the beach for a week in the off-season; feathering my nest (& maybe moving my nest . . . so I can get a dog); expressing love to the important people in my life on the regular, in word & deed; writing about everything on this list, and putting my work out in the world in a bigger way.


  1. Sign me up for your recurring daydream. There’s not a single thing on there I wouldn’t love to do! Also, I just–for the first time ever–ordered a Danielle LaPorte planner. I’m captivated by the concept of planning each day based on how I want to feel.

    • Hi Suzi,

      Thanks for stopping by to comment! Danielle’s planners are so very beautiful, but I haven’t ordered one yet. I should probably get on that. 🙂


  1. […] back to my response to the last prompt, one of my core desired feelings is connection, something I have less of than I’d like in my life […]

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