Quest 2016: Amplify Your Best Work

Quest 2016 Theme, Day 10: Amplify Your Best Work, from Visionary Charlie Gilkey 

Today’s prompt comes from Charlie Gilkey of Productive Flourishing and best-selling author of The Small Business Life Cycle.

Today’s prompt:

Which element of your best work do you most want to amplify this year?

Instead of considering simply doing more work, take the time to consider which elements of your work would most light you up to amplify. What’s holding you back from amplifying it? Is it that obscure little thing no one will care about? Or is it that if they see it, they’ll care too much and call the Imposter or Weirdo Police?

There won’t be a time in the future where it’ll be easier to amplify that part of your work.
p.s. You can’t stand out and fit in at the same time.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, as I make plans for world domination in 2016, ha ha.

The simple answer is, I want to devote more time to the craft of writing this year, and actually begin submitting my work.

I think of my writing as two separate “buckets” – bucket #1 is the marketing communications, web copy, and other writing I do for clients as part of my copywriting business, and the writing I do to support that business – blog posts, newsletters, and guest posts, etc.

Bucket #2 consists of essays and narrative non-fiction pieces I’m developing/want to develop, work I consider to be my true “body of work.” This is the writing I want to polish and perfect (which it needs, badly, oh boy), writing I’d eventually like to publish some of, someday. Alas, this is the writing that always gets the short end of the stick, as in, I spend time on it only if/when I feel like the writing in bucket #1 is under control, which happens almost never.

I’ve experimented with focusing on bucket #2 writing first thing in the morning before I start the client work, all day on Sunday, and in the p.m. when I finish the client work, but none of these three writing times has stuck. Yet.

But I feel a powerful shift in priorities coming on for 2016. Not just in devoting more time to working on the writing in bucket #2, but also in figuring out what additional service offerings I can create that are less marketing and copywriting oriented, and more aligned with . . . well, what, exactly, I don’t know yet. I’m still trying to puzzle that one out.


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